Wholesale and Distribution

The modern business environment raises a number of business challenges for companies in the distribution sector: changeable quality of cooperation with suppliers, inability to get accounts receivable, poor utilization of resources, adverse legal procedures, etc. That is why most companies in this line of business are forced to focus their efforts on the improvement and optimization of the process just to stay competitive.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV represent powerful, flexible and intuitive solutions with functionalities intended for wholesale and distribution. They cover all aspects of business, from orders, storehouse management and management of separation and shipment of goods, up to delivery to the end customer. Some of the key benefits that they provide are:

  • Automation of the flow of key business processes;
  • Monitoring business history by customers, locations and items;
  • Quality control of products;
  • Monitoring products through the process of distribution;
  • Warehouse control;
  • Reducing the amount of rejected material as well as cost;
  • Optimization of delivery process;
  • Accurate indicators of performance in the warehouse and departments;
  • Use of templates and trends to forecast demand;
  • Optimization of inventory levels;
  • A quick response to specific customer requirements - specific packaging, declarations, conditions of storage and delivery.