Transport and Logistics

For companies in the field of transport and logistics, IN2 Dynamics has developed a special module, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. Access to real information, optimized business processes, effective planning of services and quality control are crucial for these companies.

The module integrates and monitors all business processes and documentation and provides a number of useful functionalities, such as:

  • Management of different types of documents; 
  • Overview of transport - shipping, loading and unloading stations, pallets, etc.; 
  • Registration and fulfilling requests for transport; 
  • Administration of routes and registration of passage through routes; 
  • Assessment of the depreciation of the vehicle; 
  • Management of rolling stock; 
  • Optimization of transport costs and operations; 
  • Management of cash flows; 
  • Control of revenues and costs for drivers, routes, destinations, etc.; 
  • Integration with internal and external applications; 
  • Efficiency of used resources - routes, vehicles, destinations, drivers, etc.; 
  • Generating reports and analysis in real time.