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IN2 developed a specialized solution for retail by upgrading Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, intended for companies engaged in the sale of consumer goods, computer equipment, office supplies, household appliances, etc. Most retail companies, regardless of their size, face tough competition and changes in demand. On the other hand, management of a wide range of products requires precise planning and implementation, strict control, but also flexibility when carrying out operations on a daily basis.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrates all organizational units, from POS terminals in shops, all the way through back-office, technology and familiarity with goods, warehouse and headquarters of the organization, and all these elements are integrated into a single platform, easily manageable. Some of the main advantages offered by this solution are:

  • Optimization of the supply chain; 
  • Efficient operational management in each shop, warehouse and headquarters of the company; 
  • Management of sales promotions and campaigns; 
  • Management of services - transportation, delivery, setup and installation, etc.; 
  • Maintenance of various channels of communication; 
  • Optimization of inventory levels; 
  • Simplified reception, storage and delivery of goods; 
  • Easy management of claims; 
  • Forecasting, planning and business analysis; 
  • Support for mobile devices and integration with bar-code readers.