Real Estates and Construction



Management and implementation of construction projects requires strict planning and execution according to predefined timetables and budgets. Companies that invest their resources in appropriate IT tools in order to successfully complete each phase of the project inevitably become more efficient, achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and increase their overall productivity. 

Specialized business solutions for construction companies and retailers and distributors of building materials and equipment provide standardization and consolidation of the process by providing more effective management of time, equipment, resources and organization. Some of the main advantages of these solutions are:

  • Automation of management and monitoring of activities in each stage of the project;
  • Management and distribution of resources; 
  • Capacity Planning; 
  • Financing and invoicing of results of projects, subprojects, activities, classes, etc.; 
  • Integration with production; 
  • Cost control for each client and project; 
  • Cooperation through web portals and processes of sharing knowledge among employees; 
  • Automation of operations;
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to changing trends in the environment; 
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.