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Public sector


The presence in the public sector for years has provided an excellent understanding of the legislation and functioning of the state administration for the IN2 group. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for the public sector provide the support for budgetary accounting, planning, budget amendments during the year and procurement.

In addition to enabling the automatism in the entry and posting data and completing certain prescribed statutory reports and forms, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX among others offer:

  • The implementation of budget classification (economic, organizational, program, by sources of financing, according to the functions and location, etc ...);
  • setting accounting (posting a parallel budget accounting with incoming and outgoing invoices, revenue recognition at the time of collection);
  • settings of loading and booking excerpts (with the recognition of the partners to the IBAN, identification of payment accounts and reference number etc.);
  • execution of the budget (general and special parts);
  • required semi-annual and annual reports;
  • sources of revenues (revenues and expenditures);
  • generating legal reports intended for authorized institutions (the State Audit Institution, the Ministry of Finance, etc ...). 

The main advantage of this solution is a systematic approach to planning budgets, tracking the change history and the pre-defined limits and controls, ensuring the always current budget, which is comparable to the expenditures and revenues. It is used throughout the entire range of legal and business reports.

Additional information about IN2 solutions for public sector can be found here.