Professional Services and Media

What is common to agencies and media companies, companies engaged in consulting, project management is that they must be well informed and ready to respond quickly to changes in the environment. The biggest challenge for them is finding the right measure between resource allocation and availability to the client, and their success primarily depends on successful planning and evaluation of the complexity of the projects.

A specialized solution intended for companies engaged in professional services based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform enables automation of daily tasks and immediate access to all key business indicators. Some of the main advantages of this solution are:

  • Effective management of resources, time and costs; 
  • Management of projects, tasks and productivity of employees; 
  • Transparency of information; 
  • Quick and easy exchange of documents; 
  • Monitoring and analysis of costs at all levels; 
  • Monitoring of customer satisfaction; 
  • Integration with external applications; 
  • Possibility of advanced reporting and analysis.