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Integrated solutions for business management are an ideal solution for companies in all areas of production, from metal processing, food industry, production of consumer goods to the production of industrial machinery.

Irrespective of size, most manufacturing companies are faced with difficulties in forming selling prices and with changes in demand. Some of them adhere to extremely stringent industry standards, in order to remain competitive on the global market. The short life cycle of a product, unforeseen changes in resource availability and specific requirements of customers are some of the challenges that manufacturing companies need to meet regardless of their line of business.
The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution enables optimization of production processes and a rapid response to changes in the environment, providing in addition to this:
  • Supply chain management;
  • Adaptation of manufacturing processes to available capacities;
  • Shortened delivery times of finished products;
  • Automation of key requirements for HACCP and other legal standards;
  • Automatic tracking of raw materials or products at all stages of production;
  • Implementation of operational standards;
  • Integration of after-sales services (warranty, maintenance);
  • Control of spare parts;
  • Inventory management at a global level;
  • Simplified budgeting in production and of planning processes;
  • Precise estimate of production cost;
  • Management of marketing plans and sales activities;
  • Identification of trends in manufacturing of new products.