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By upgrading Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we have developed a specialized solution intended for producers, importers and distributors of medical products, drugs and equipment, pharmaceutical companies and importers and distributors of cosmetic products and perfumes.

The main challenges faced by these companies are associated with distribution within a short time-frame and under special conditions, maintaining precise equipment and monitoring expiry dates. In order to face them successfully, companies need a flexible and reliable software tool that ensures optimization of activities and provides a basis for making the right decisions in key situations. Microsoft Dynamics integrated business management systems provide, among other things:

  • Maintenance of large number of products and their monitoring by means of serial and batch numbers; 
  • Effective management of storage, defining optimal routes for items collection; control of collection and distribution of products; 
  • Simplified monitoring of expiry dates and guarantees for each item; 
  • Easy integration and the ability to exchange documents with other software products; 
  • Integration with mobile devices for easier storage management; 
  • Better communication among sectors; 
  • Optimization of management of finances and cash flows; 
  • Various reports and analysis.