NAV Mobile

NAV Mobile provides access to information by phone or tablet, from any place, at any time. The application is an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is intended for employees in sales as a help during field work, as well as to warehouse workers to optimize business operations. Its main goal is to provide access to current information in real time by using WiFi or GRPS technology as well as to enable immediate response to customer requirements.

NAV Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes among else:

  • Entry and filling in of sales orders;
  • Access to business history of a customer;
  • Entry of new contacts and information about visits to clients;
  • Insight into pricelists and discounts;
  • Records of receipt of goods in the system in real time;
  • Insights into inventory levels;
  • Storage and transfer of goods between warehouses, zones and racks;
  • Optimization of the process of allocation of items;
  • Automation of the process of goods delivery.


  • Access to data in real time. NAV Mobile applications provides employees who are constantly on the move a simple and easy access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Users get the right information at the time when they really need it, allowing them to immediately respond to customer requirements.
  • Adaptability. NAV Mobile enables full adaptation of user interface and business logic to specific requests of the customer.
  • Integration and automation. The integration between your phone or tablet and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ensured through the use of a reliable mobile platform. In this way potential technical barriers are successfully overcome: access from a remote location, synchronization of data in both directions, access rights, etc.