Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia

Microsoft Dynamics NAV localization for Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia includes translation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to the local language and complies with local legislation. It enables simple system management on specific areas of tax and law in the countries that are covered with.

We provide our customers and partners best localization – user friendly, functional and covers a spectrum of requirements of customers and auditors. The solution is registered as a certified solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It bases on experiences and practical needs that customers meet within running their business.

Beside functionalities that are connected with legislation the solution covers numerous other functionalities that are generally useful and make work on financials, accounting, managing and reporting easier.
Localization enables the use of same database for branch offices in other countries that enables easy data interexchange, consolidated balances, intercompany posting and other possibilities.

We offer three packages of localization:

  • BASIC PACK (covers a number of local legal requirements, Basic Payment functionalities, Bank payments, Bank statements, Compensations, Advanced contact management, etc..)
  • EXTENDED PACK (includes Payment by installments, Support for bar codes and labels, Travel orders, Environmental benefits, Waste postings, High Intrastsat, Reversible and deposit, Easy Retailers, Dynamic output, etc.)
  • INTEGRATION PACK (includes Basic Integration, Support for E-invoices, EBA integration, Panteon EDI integration, NewPOS integration, Solutions for electronic signatures, etc.)

Additional functionality:
More than a hundred additional and updated reports, various aid and additional controls on entry, processing and reporting package for reporting VAT (domestic market and abroad), date of VAT, supporting the use of information and deferred VAT (e.g. for construction business), support simple operation prepayment invoices (accounts) with automatic payments entries, export data for tax administrations to support the monitoring records of customs documents, support for Intrastat reporting (low threshold), with additional controls key data on booking documents to support reporting Intrastat (high threshold) and the corresponding XML export controls and reporting, automatic input of customers, suppliers and contacts (and related information) via the Internet (data from branch offices / benefits), automatic control of VIES data (via the Internet), an algorithm for checking the correctness of tax identification numbers, support record current account book customers and suppliers in several different accounts / book groups, and the possibility of changing literary groups, subsidiary accounts and closing of bank accounts, comprehensive support SKV reporting to the Bank of Slovenia - automated reporting, comprehensive support for financial accounts statistics (SFR) - automated reporting, automatic transmission, exchange rate list by country for the set of foreign currency from the Internet via web services, general ledger package reports (of logs, account balances to cards) with the possibility to export the data to Excel or a text file, a package of reports of fixed assets (statistics, inventory lists, etc..) with the possibility of exporting data , a package of reports of sales and purchase (cards open positions, IOP, etc..) with the possibility to export the data, a package of reports stock (card stock valuation, inventory, billing, etc..) with export package reports stock (card stock Accelerated evaluation, inventory, billing, etc..) with data export, a package of reports of documents (e.g. invoices, quotes, orders, etc..) have a lot of additional print options (note, logos, signatures, etc..), paper mail to import attachments and supporting documents liquidation, document management system to support the scanning and electronic archiving of documents supporting the increased length of the field description on the documents to extend the functionality of dimensions (e.g., selection of one dimension automatically selects another dimension), a division of the dimensions (cost centers), with a pre-set percentages (by sharing key), support for adding contacts (not directly to customers or suppliers), support transfer orders for shelves installations, check the chain closing items according to the method of closing stocks, supporting graphical headers and footers on all documents supporting signature (scanned signature) on all documents (signed, the seller, the director), support of export documents the. pdf (Acrobat Reader) format and automatically paste to the e-mail system for minor corrections to the recorded documents without reversal of documents, calculation of interest, with the possibility of introduction of different interest rates over periods written down according to the formulation (BOM or norm) on the product when sell a product, a comprehensive system of support charges for packaging and electronic components, integrated systems support payment in installments, the installments display special payment and universal payment order (UPN), support for automatic closing NAV client session if the user is inactive for a certain time, a comprehensive system for the management of deposit, reverse orders and monitoring of reusable packaging system to support barcodes comprehensive system of cash flow (operating cash flow and cash flow after the marriage of the two methods available), support for manual terminal for the supply, acquisition, inventory, production, etc.., comprehensive support to retail , integration with POS system (for shop, bar or restaurant), a comprehensive system of support to projects and tasks - with automated clearing system, a comprehensive support system utilities work order - with automated clearing system, a comprehensive system of support for these "Help desk" services (customer support) - with automated system of accounts, support for the issue and receipt of electronic invoices - the standard "e-bill" full cash transactions (receipts, expenses and cash book), a comprehensive system of Programmed electronic banking payments in the domestic and international traffic supported is the new standard SEPA, a comprehensive system of banking document (bank statement, payment) with the support of closing (such as a document, rather than basal), a comprehensive system of management compensation (inter-, multi, e-compensation AJPES compensation, etc.)., automatic search reciprocal compensation and preparation of documents, import and export of all programmed electronic systems of compensation, a comprehensive system of support for travel order with the statement of costs, mileage, per diems, etc.., support for electronic invoices and electronic services support barcode reading terminal, support ECL document (SI), the support system works with the Cards in the purchase and sale (the flapper ), monitoring the presence of the work, keeping book inventory at retail prices, support fiscal point-of-sales support (HR, SRB, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro), billing and management of the VAT cash accounting support for local payment transactions (HR, SRB, Bosnia and Herzegovina) records of the acquisition and calculation of procurement costs (HR, SRB, Bosnia and Herzegovina), in the wholesale trading book, etc..