NAV Inventory

Microsoft Dynamics NAV module for Inventory management enables automated monitoring of inventory, management of customer requirements and storage space and it also drastically reduces the costs associated with storage and warehousing.

Module Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes among else:

  • Management of inventory costs; 
  • Order processing in the warehouse; 
  • Managing customer requirements; 
  • Monitoring inventory; 
  • Substitutes; 
  • Cross-links between items; 
  • Internal storage / separation; 
  • Existence of multiple warehouses and distribution centers; 
  • Internal transfers among warehouses; 
  • Periodical accounts list; 
  • Reminders; 
  • Access to data in real time via WiFi or GPRS technology; 
  • Warehouse management system (WMS). 


  • Improved control of warehouse operations in relation to procurement, sales and order planning; 
  • Cost optimization of procurement and storage; 
  • Achieving transparency of processes in the warehouse - reaching the optimum state between customers’ demands and items on stock, monitoring products with a limited shelf life; 
  • Optimization of inventory replenishment; 
  • Improving the servicing of customers’ demands - instant access to current information on available items on stocks allows the necessary flexibility when it comes to modification at the last minute; 
  • Achieving higher productivity of employees in the warehouse and reducing delivery times through the integration of sales, warehouse operations and distribution processes.