AX Projects

Projects module within Microsoft Dynamics AX is intended for project management, primarily project accounting. It provides a complete financial overview, control and integration with modules Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Finance.

Projects module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Budget planning;
  • Definition of phases and activities;
  • Monitoring and control of implementation;
  • Cost control;
  • Resource management;
  • Detailed reporting and analysis.


  • Better control of project realization. Within the system, it is possible to monitor the expenditure of time, material and monetary costs. It is possible to monitor the internal and external costs, identify bottlenecks and prevent deficit budget. Complex projects can be divided into phases that are easier to manage, which can be graphically presented. For each activity, it is possible to define the start and the end of the task, overload of capacities, cost centers, etc. 
  • Better management of cash flow. Detailed project reports allow you to quickly generate invoices and efficiently collect debt. The module predicts the increase of costs and bottlenecks that may arise during the project due to the complex mechanism of planning and distribution of resources. 
  • Increased productivity. By using templates you can quickly and easily create new projects. After examining the current and planned project activities, the module offers the possibility of prevention or mitigation of adverse situations. 
  • Defining business strategy. This solution provides insights into market trends and facilitates the selection of projects that can be profitable.