AX Production

Production within Microsoft Dynamics AX enables production processes management, control of distribution of resources and capacities and an efficient cost analysis. 

Production module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Entry of production items;
  • Management of production orders;
  • Cooperation with subcontractors;
  • Production Planning;
  • Control of expenses;
  • Management of resources and capacities;
  • Management of production routes;
  • Management of workshops.

  • Flexibility in managing manufacturing resources. A fast and reliable insight into the availability of productive resources is ensured thanks to the planning of booking of resources. Module, among other things, offers the possibility of flexible planning of production processes forward or backward, in relation to the defined date of delivery of finished products. The use of different ways of planning of production opens space for analysis of results that may be obtained under different circumstances.
  • Optimization of production flow. Distribution of resources by using Gantt chart ensures a simple division of work among work centers.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. It is possible to choose the best route for each operation, and even to define different versions of production routes.
  • Quick adaptation to changes. Information on the requirement for a specific item allows optimization of inventory and information on the earliest possible date of delivery on the basis of which it is possible to react appropriately and promptly and modify sales orders.