AX Web Shop

AX web shop is a specialized B2B and B2C online portal, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. The portal is integrated with the company's information system from which it takes all the necessary information about stock, documents, prices, credit cards, etc. All the changes are processed at the time, which allows customers the access to always current status.

Within the portal there are two environments: Administrator’s, through which the display of information is defined and the administration of user accounts and user’s environment, intended for customers.

The functionalities offered by the administrator environment:
  • Arrangement of advertising banners, set up of informative messages and arrangement of the store contents; 
  • Opening of new users and blockage of existing ones; 
  • Overview of statistical information about attendance; 
  • Security checks for portal access. 

The functionalities offered by the user environment:
  • Separated display of new items and items on sale; 
  • Search of items by multiple criteria (catalog number, name, brand, supplier, category, group, etc.); 
  • Insight into stock items; 
  • Insight into their own analytical card; 
  • Regular update of information about total debt, accrued and the amount of debt which has not yet arrived; 
  • Application of price and discount politics from business software; 
  • Ordering of items from supplier catalogs (aka still inactive items); 
  • Information about the stages in which the order is via e-mail; 
  • Prevention of unwanted intrusion. 

  • Web shop improves sales, thanks to the growing number of products available to customers, regardless of their physical location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The data from business applications guarantee the availability of stock on the portal. 
  • Web as a platform provides insight into the customers’ interests and provides a channel for the placement of specific discounts and offers a variety of options in terms of analytics.