AX Marketing

Marketing within Microsoft Dynamics AX consolidates information about customers, suppliers and contacts, thus ensuring efficient establishment and implementation of a marketing plan.

Marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics AX includes among else:

  • Managing relationships with customers; 
  • Monitoring the implementation of marketing activities and projects; 
  • Managing campaigns across different channels; 
  • Creation of questionnaires and surveys; 
  • Telemarketing. 


  • Increased effectiveness of marketing activities. It is possible to quickly plan and implement personalized campaigns by using the existing template. 
  • Feedback from customers. The use of questionnaires and surveys provides information based on which easy market segmentation can be performed. 
  • Measurement of profitability. By linking the campaign with the project it is possible to monitor the return on investment through access to income, costs and time spent on campaign activities. 
  • Targeting potential customers. After creating a list of potential customers, it is possible to classify customers according to several criteria in the module, and then to easily distribute the list to market researchers/sales people responsible for the implementation of the campaign. 
  • Greater efficiency calls using call-center functionality. In order to have a fast and complete overview of contact history, telemarketing module in one view combines information about business contacts, open orders, projects, procurement of goods and other important information.