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Microsoft BizTalk

Microsoft BizTalk Server is an integration platform for connecting disparate platforms, application systems, protocols and data formats into a single entity. In practice, Microsoft BizTalk platform is applied in two most frequent ways:

  • A2A ("Application-to-application") enables companies to interact, integrate different applicative platforms, systems and solutions and manage business processes within the boundaries of a single organization. An example of such integration may be the exchange of customer data between different applications and subsystems of the company.
  • B2B ("Business-to-business") enables companies to interact, integrate and manage business processes which exceed the limits of one organization and engage with business processes in other organizations. An example of such integration may be an exchange of different business documents (such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices) between two companies.

INBiz2 is a set of integration services offered by IN2 group, based on Microsoft BizTalk Server as an unique integration platform. This suit of services provides:

  • Integration of cloud applications, mobile devices and external partners in an easy, fast and secure way;
  • cross platform interoperability and business agility boost;
  • consistent, scalable and flexible means of coordinating across disparate loosely connected services that support different business processes;
  • electronic Data Interchange (EDI);
  • business activity monitoring and end-to-end visibility into business processes on real-time basis;
  • tools to define, store, retrieve and execute business rules and policies;
  • automatization of business processes with trading partners.

INBiz2 offers a wide range of advantages, among them:

  • Costs reduction through hardware virtualization and replacement of costly EDI infrastructures.
  • Higher efficiency due to elimination of manual processes.
  • Extracted value through extraction of data from legacy applications and transforming it into valuable information.
  • Increased business agility and rapid adaption to changes in business and technical requirements.