IN2 Travel Orders

Specialized solution for travel orders offered by the company IN2Dynamics records travel expenses at home and abroad and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. The solution enables the recording of information on business travels of employees, i.e. data related to time, purpose, destination and the means of transport. In addition, the solution records advance payments given to employees based on travel orders and all the expenses on the road (it records cash accounts, suppliers’ invoices, spending on credit cards, etc.).

IN2 travel orders automatically calculates daily allowance per worker based on the locations’ codebook. With further automation it is possible to initiate the final calculation of costs in relation to the advance payment and other payments.

The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP from which it receives all the necessary information about the employee. On the other side, the solution is fully integrated with IN2 transportation and mechanization, so it is possible to generate the appropriate travel order on the basis of the created transportation and the waybill. In this way, the costs are recorded centrally and can be allocated to the right holders, so that the system provides specific information about profitability.