IN2 Transport i Mechanization

Specialized solution for transport and mechanization provides management and control of processes in transport and distribution. It is fully compliant with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX. IN2 Transport and Mechanization allows treating vehicles as fixed assets and keeping record of all the important information, such as: vehicle category, manufacturer, model, variant, person in charge, date of production, motor number, chassis number, tank, type of fuel, etc.

Besides providing basic information about vehicles, the solution keeps track of the following information:
  • Previous and current registration details;
  • Insurance policies;
  • Standard and additional equipment;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Regular and other services and service book;
  • Vehicles’ control lists;
  • Tyres replacement and the list of all tyres in the company.

Integration with HR module includes employees in all of the above mentioned records. For each one of them, the solution provides overview of certificates and permissions with validity dates and levels of competence.

One of the aspects covered by IN2 Transport and Mechanization solution is logistics and transportation of goods. Transport items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX are generated based on existing sales orders, transfer orders and purchase orders entered on a PDA device. Data generated in this way provide article quantities, dimensions and weight, delivery addresses, contacts and other information that facilitate transport of goods to the final destination. Besides, this specialized solution keeps record of subcontractor transporters hired by clients or by the company itself.

IN2 Transport and Mechanization allows tracking and allocation of costs and income and offers number of analytical reports. They illustrate the influence of transport-related costs to the overall business result, as well as to the profitability of particular products, relations, vehicles, drivers, etc.