IN2 Dynamics has used many years of experience in the field of personnel records and payroll to create a specialized solution IN2 HRM. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and closely linked with IN2 Payroll solution. IN2 HRM allows improvement and automation of processes in the sectors of personnel records and payroll.

The basic functionalities of the solutions include:

  • Easy configuration of the most complex organizational models with the possibility of restructuring if the need arises. The organizational structure can be any number of legal entities, departments, operational units, cost centers or business units. 
  • A centralized database of employees, which in addition to basic data contains information on family members of employees, knowledge and skills that employees possess, certificates, contracts, bank accounts and the like. 
  • Contract management, which allows one to enter various types of contracts, the possibility to parameter each one of them, track the status of the contract as well as to enter annexes. The solution is extremely flexible and it allows the definition of the prerequisites for the validity of a contract, the entry of allowances for the calculation of taxes and contributions, entry of annexes of contracts and so on. 
  • Records of working hours, holidays and leave on the basis of the codebook for reasons for absence. This functionality enables automatic calculation of earnings. Given the importance of these data, access to the employee’s card is enabled for users with special permits. 
  • Recording of carnet is functionality for detailed records of working hours and hours of absence of employees from work on a daily basis. The system provides a set of controls during data entry, and the record itself is integrated with the solution IN2 Payrolls and represents the starting point in the process of calculation. 
  • Training of employees includes detailed information on training / courses that every employee attended. On the basis of this record, an insight has been provided into training of an employee, subjective evaluation, as well as the total amount invested in his professional development. 
  • Alarm functionality allows one to set a notification which warns on time about the impending event. The system gives the user freedom when it comes to the number of alarms and alarm behavior. 
  • IN2 HRM enables management of an employee’s health insurance records and of his family members. 
  • Records of trade union organizations are also available. For each of the trade unions, the program automatically tracks the number of members, phone numbers, addresses, persons in charge, number of accounts, and the percentages of membership.