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Integrated Hospital Information System (IBIS), vertical solution for Health services providers consists of two parts: Hospital Subsystem (BIS), developed by IN2 and Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP system. As a comprehensive solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX encompasses the business processes of accounting, finance, purchasing and inventory management, which has been particularly adapted by IN2 for specific needs of the large public hospitals. Introduction of this ERP solution ensured integration and standardization of business processes and greater operational efficiency and manoeuvrability, especially in the area of procurement and financial control. Microsoft Dynamics AX is closely integrated with the hospital information system BIS – the solution developed completely by the IN2 group.

This vertical solutions is fully compliant with local regulations and includes following functionalities:

  • Translation of Microsoft Dynamics AX to local language (Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Montenegrin);
  • Support for VAT (Tax books, Tax form, VAT calculation and fiscalization) ;
  • Support for budgetary accounting;
  • Consumption planning and control of financial spending limits by type of expenditure in hospitals; 
  • Planning of public procurement in accordance with the law on public procurement; 
  • Pharmacy business;
  • Download and upload of data to CIHI (list of drugs, specifications payments).

Solutions ensures numerous benefits:

  • Business process standardization and integration to a single platform;
  • Implementing workflows to key business processes;
  • Entering data once where it is created; 
  • Improved operational efficiency and visibility of operations;
  • Up-to-date management reporting.

For eWaiting Lists and e-MD Appointments IN2 Group received the European IT & Software Excellence Award in the category - solution of the year for the public sector and a global award - Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the category of Public Sector, Health. 

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