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IN2 Dynamics develops business solutions for banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, investment funds and other financial institutions. Organizations dealing with financial services constantly invest in cost reduction, elimination of unnecessary procedures, optimization of administration and the improvement of the quality of service. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution combines modern technology with the best practices of companies worldwide, so that financial companies can help their employees to work more efficiently. Clients receive better services which increases their satisfaction.

Specialized solutions for financial institutions allow reaching a high level of automation and optimization of all business activities and processes along with cost reduction. Some of the main advantages of Microsoft Dynamics ERP which are ensured for such companies are:

  • Fast and secure access to information; 
  • Business history with each client; 
  • Monitoring and analysis of users' requirements; 
  • Management of cash flows; 
  • Increased productivity of financial advisors; 
  • Integration of sales, marketing and customer support; 
  • Quick adjustment to changes related to financial and legal requirements; 
  • Improvement of banking services through multiple channels such as ATM, call-centers, TELER systems and the like; 
  • Integration with external applications.

Additional information about IN2 solutions for financial institutions can be found here.