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Applications development

Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers standardized functionalities that contain essential business processes and best practices of leading companies in the world. In rare cases do companies run their businesses by using business software without any modifications. In addition to that, business conditions constantly change. Existing business activities evolve, new ones appear and they need to be integrated into a unique software platform. The choice of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and IN2 Dynamics team provides a system that solves current challenges and which grows with the growth of the business.

We are recognized on the regional market precisely by our willingness to come to grips with projects that are characterized by complexity and long duration, and for whose implementation excellent knowledge and extraordinary perseverance are required. We continuously invest in the adoption and application of modern technologies, so that we offer to our customers a range of different options, depending on the situation and their needs.

IN2 Dynamics develops applications and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. Through the work with our clients and analysis of their needs, we design, develop and implement applications with a specific purpose that cover all the specifics of their business. A team of certified programmers and consultants ensure that the solutions we implement take into account all the requirements, habits and best practices of clients with whom we work.