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Cloud solutions

Cloud technology (technology in the cloud) provides an easy, flexible access to selected solutions. Thanks to the Internet and an easy access to remote workstations, the use of cloud solutions is done via web browser and mobile applications. Resources are allocated quickly and inconspicuously and reallocated and delivered to customers in the form of services. Services are charged on a monthly basis, usually in proportion to the amount of used resources. In this way, Cloud technology enables companies to organize their IT resources in line with current needs.
In cooperation with the company Business Solutions we have developed a reliable data center that offers to its clients the following services and solutions:

  • Renting hardware (Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS). With direct Internet access, clients can design and create the physical IT infrastructure in virtual environments. Instead of buying hardware, only the required memory space is charged. Clients do not face the problems and limitations which installation and maintenance of equipment carries with itself. 
  • Access to tools for software development and applications (Platform as a Service - PaaS). Tools that are found on a remote server are directly accessed through a browser. Clients do not need to install the operating system, specific tools or serious resources on their local computers in order to use the above-mentioned solutions. 
  • Software as a service (Software as a Service - SaaS). The use of selected software solutions, available through the portal, allows easy access from anywhere, 24 hours a day. We offer our clients access to: 
  • e-mail; 
  • Microsoft Office (Office 365); 
  • Solutions for business management (Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX); 
  • Solutions for Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft CRM).