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About us

About us

IN2 informatički inženjering is part of IN2 Group, comprised of 12 companies in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania. The group is engaged in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle ERP, EPM and BI systems but it also develops its own solutions intended for the public sector, financial institutions and commercial companies.

Investing in staff development, professionalism and dedicated approach to every individual client are the basic guidelines according to which the group manages its operations.

Founded in 1992, IN2 Group is proud of its experience for having successfully carried out over 450 projects and has won the status of the Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2013. Since 2003, it has been dedicated to maintaining quality through ISO 9001, and since 2011 it is a bearer of ISO 27001 certificate for information security management. The group employs over 600 experts from various fields.

Extensive experience, professionalism, individual and comprehensive approach to each and every client and each individual project are the basic guidelines by which IN2 informatički inženjering manages its operations. Founded with this idea, the company is now recognized as a symbol of superior service in the IT industry and serves as an example for others.